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The cloud of perceived nepotism eclipse and taint the success of, not just kids, but also spouses of famous people.

Before her husband’s 2016 convention speech that portrayed her as a nerd long before they began dating (what says nerdier than a female college student who wears big glasses but not lipsticks) and his reference to their first meeting being in a Political and Civil Rights’ class, I wasn’t overly excited about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Adanna has a German husband, is an identical twin, a naturalista, a medical doctor, an immigrant etc., attributes that make her life less boring than those of her over 150,000 Youtube subscribers. I’m wearing kinky braids I made myself which I learned from watching this tutorial she made, thus saving at least 0 I would have spent in a salon.

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They don’t enjoy the luxury of the motivation we have to strive for decent shelter, go on vacations etc., because most times their parents have acquired wealth that can last generations. I do hope that when they so become, someone will stand up in their defense when people attempt to undermine their successes. S: Although I am a freelance writer, nobody contacted or paid me to write this post.

Since I started braiding my own hair in the past few months with the help of Adanna’s tutorial, I have saved hundreds of dollars.

Kids with a combined net worth of over a 1oo million dollars.

Rich kids who work hard deserve our respect as many of them have no reason to hustle like most of us do.Perhaps if we knew the hard work that goes into making a good vlog–filming, editing and administering a Youtube account with over 150,000 subscribers, we would, rather than focus on her pedigree (something neither she nor we have control over), learn good work ethics from her and find ways to make money online like she does from her several endorsements (something we have control over).While there are valid safety reasons to keep one’s affairs private, one must acknowledge that every trade involves a trade-off.Except they take unusual measures to prove, and always remind people, that they are smart in their own right, they are rarely given credit, however hard they work.