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Included are annotated lists of web resources, one of which uses middle-aged models rather than the "usual eighteen-year-old nubile bodies."Romm, a couples therapist, shares much of the same information, only in a more factual format that features the odd example from the author's practice.Online dating and other options for meeting people are discussed, as are helpful tips for navigating second and third dates and dealing with second families, former spouses, benefits, and the other issues common to later-life relationships.

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Someone might want a companion for going to concerts on Saturday night and not much more. "Many over 50 are no longer looking for that one person, that 'soul mate'," says Dr."It is time that our society's traditional thinking that disconnects old age and sex be revisited," says Ruth S.Jacobowitz, author of "150 Most-Asked Questions About Midlife Sex, Love, and Intimacy." "We're all living longer, so our needs to relate sexually are lasting longer." But older Americans who are sexually active face health issues, too. The NIA doesn't break down transmission rates among this demographic -- for example, through drug use, heterosexual or homosexual contact -- but the institute does point out that older adults in general tend to know less than younger Americans about how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and the necessity of using condoms.If one has to choose between the two books, Dating After 50 is a safer bet and recommended for most public libraries.

It took 50 firefighters, 30 minutes to put the fire out. They had just left the studio when their vehicle was struck by a SUV that ran a red light.

• The NIH notes that women in the midst of menopause, which causes estrogen levels to decline, may experience pain during intercourse.

Dating After 50 Negotiating the Minefields of Mid-Life Romance Best Half of Life Se Sharon Romm on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.… continue reading »

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What makes two people pick one another from among the myriad available candidates. Indeed, studies over the past fifty years show some fundamental changes in. Ultimately, the rich drive the Mercedes, the middle class drives the Toyota. internal negotiations whereby the value of romantic love is pitted against the.… continue reading »

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