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10-Jul-2017 15:12

In Ontario, for example, only couples who are legally married acquire mutual property rights, which are resolved at time of separation / divorce through equalization of the property accumulated during marriage (excluding certain exceptions).Those mutual property rights include the matrimonial home(s), regardless of whose name is on title.

Once you are a permanent resident for the required amount of time and have satisfied all residency requirements, you may then be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

For example, a common-law couple are entitled to the same workplace benefits (e.g. One key exception is that “spousal privilege” when compelled to give evidence is limited to those who are legally married (this privilege permits the witness to refuse to disclose spousal communications).

The real difference comes into play in some provinces only when the relationship breaks down.

In order to prevent your application from being delayed or denied, speak with a licensed immigration lawyer for assistance with your application.

Our team at Visa Place is experienced in dealing with such cases, and we would be happy to assist you in making your application process as easy and successful as possible.Unfortunately, love in spousal sponsorship cases is not enough to prove the validity of a marriage, nor is a marriage certificate.Couples must go to great lengths to demonstrate to the Canadian government that their marriage is legitimate when it comes to spousal sponsorship cases, and this can be very difficult and require a lot of documentation.In this case, you will be sponsored while outside of Canada in a process called outland spousal sponsorship.

Nov 3, 2011. American citizen marrying a Canadian and moving to Canada. Is there any benefit to getting our marriage license in Canada instead of the US. however, by the time they arrived in the mail, my interview date was set so I.… continue reading »

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