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“Looking back at the weekend’s events, there is not one moment I would want to change,” Marshall wrote.“Everything was perfect, and very much ‘us.’ ”You can see the happy couple in this music video by country singer Sean Hogan: We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts.Her family owns a horse ranch called Heartland, where they have a long tradition of healing horses.For her performance in the series, Marshall won the inaugural Canada's Screen Star Award at the 1st annual Canadian Screen Awards.In between filming seasons of Heartland, Marshall helps out at a local veterinary clinic and spends time with her many animals on her farm ranch near Calgary, Alberta.She has horses, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and an alpaca.Canadian television actress who began entertaining audiences as Amy Fleming on the series Heartland in 2007.

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who is passionate about all animals, Marshall has been around horses as long as she can remember.“Once the vows were said, papers signed and a romantic kiss shared, Shawn and I climbed back aboard our horses and rode off into the setting sun!”The series is filmed near High River and remains one of the CBC’s most popular dramas, and has helped turn Marshall in to an Alberta sweetheart.The series premiered in October 2007 with and it has ran for twelve seasons, as of 2018.

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The series, filmed in High River Alberta, is about a girl named Amy Fleming living in the fictional town of Hudson Alberta.She has been riding since she could walk and says that the two things she loves the most are "acting and horses".Marshall made her acting debut in 2000 in a television series called Super Rupert.Tamblyn's father made several appearances as God in the form of a dog walker on the show, which ran from 2003 to 2005.