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Pedro tries to help her as she sings "Heigho, Heigho." The sisters join in to mock her. But they end their bickering when all agree that for Cinderella they all have places. She defines his boldness as "Vice." Barleycorn arrives with the Beadle to arrest Cinderella but the Prince knocks them down. " The crowd is amazed when the slipper fits her, however. Sc.1: Back at the ballroom the Prince and the King and Queen wait. Serena then blesses the audience to close the play. Cinderella in the kitchen, surrounded by implements. She flees and the stage darkens as Hobgoblin hovers behind the throne. Then Dance Tune becomes more pronounced and Ballerina, the Spirit of Dancing, attended by Hop, Skip, Jump, Quadrille, Waltz, and Hornpipe all enter to sing the praises of dancing. The Prince declares his love for her, though he says he cannot marry her. Dromio leads out Cinderella while the crowd mocks her—"Why, it's the little beggar girl! " All are pleased and Cinderella kisses her haughty sisters. But Cinderella has no use for reality, or rather, try as she will, she cannot make contact with reality, so she turns from poor Buttons with his human loves and hates to the impossible ideal, Prince Charming" (p. The Ugly Sisters' attempts to fit their feet into the slipper are castration attempts to have female genitals. She turns her back on Buttons and is united in a kind of deathlike way (forever after) "with an ideal combined mother-father figure, the dashing Principal Boy with the long cane and the magnificent bosom" (p. Voices call from off stage insulting her and demanding work. 130), who makes up for the missing mother and the inept father and completes her mythic dream as the real Buttons could not do.], at Drury Lane Theatre in 1702. A wrinkled old woman leading a ragged boy enters begging. Instantly they are transformed into a beautiful female and lovely page. John Rich, inventor of the Harlequinade, was the first to describe a play as a pantomime. With a wave of the wand Cinderella is transformed too, and then Pedro as well. Cinderella appears, accompanied by Pedro and the page. The clock strikes twelve and Cinderella flees, losing one of the glass slippers.

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The Prince starts up from bed and seeks frantically the beautiful figure that possesses his heart. Pedro brings Cinderella food after they leave for the ball. The scene ends with Harmonia singing "I never was meant for the sea." Sc. The Butterflies praise Cinder, who defended even her mean sister Clo. Flunkini inquires into the case, marvelling at the Prince's rapture. The Ugly sisters demand breakfast, which they can't have because Sambo has eaten most of the supplies. Trumpets sound and Dromio and the guards enter with Cinderella in her old cloak and hood. Music plays and a procession appears, with Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Hop-o'-my thumb, Puss in Boots, Blue Beard and his seven wives.

A previous acquaintance with the subject is needful for the thorough enjoyment of pantomimic action, though the rule has not always been acted upon either in ancient or modern times, and in some instances been mistaken altogether. The sisters taunt her, but Cinderella can scarcely conceal her joy. The script is available on Readex Fiche, without musical score.]Cinderella: A Pantomime: An accurate description of the grand allegorical pantomimic spectacle of Cinderella, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane; to which is added, A critique on the performance and performers by a lover of the drama, together with the story of Cinderella.