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Working with a conch shell “blank,” a master craftsman could produce a snowy relief against a rich chocolate background, resembling sardonyx, or if working with a carnelian shell, make a carving in a light flesh tone against a background of peach or orange.

The capital for shell carving has long been Torre del Greco, on the Bay of Naples.

Black velvet neck ribbons tied at the back of the neck in a bow, often with a brooch or charm in the front.

Neck scarves and long, narrow gloves were also popular.

To support what soon became a continental craze, Napoleon established a school in Paris and staffed it with the abducted Sicilians who trained young Frenchmen in the glyptic art.

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He’s even designed a special collection of totems in black lava for men.

Jacket length greatly increased during the 1870s, such that the skirt beneath almost disappeared.

Many were form fitting and many were boxy, with masculine cuts. This jacket was roughly knee length, cut in long gores without waistline seams.

Napoleon had many of these carved medallions mounted as jewelry for his style-setting wife Josephine and his sisters.

Eight years later, for his installment as emperor, he ordered gold crowns for himself and Josephine set with cameos and commissioned furniture embellished with them.

Until Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker started flaunting them, cameos were considered passé.