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We’ve got practical advice about how currency works in Cambodia (it’s more complicated than it might seem), tips on how to get a local phone and SIM card and open a bank account, and the information you need to know about sending and receiving mail.

Once you’re ready to get around town, head to our Transportation section to learn how to take a tuk tuk or moto taxi or even get your own driver’s license.

Such as sending messages sending Interest, sending kiss, greeting Card, sticker chat, voice calling, video chat etc.

It is easy and fast, you do not need to link multiple applications or multiple website.

What I was not so grateful about was the Cambodia style of getting in lane; This consists of turning the corner (without slowing down or looking), driving against traffic in the gutter until a space occurs then crossing the lane and trying to fit in the lane going in the correct direction.

They say you see light before you die, well I saw lots of lights coming at me – headlights of cars, tuk tuks and other motos.

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She offered a spare room at her house where she lived with her auntie, daughter and doctor for the 2 nights I was staying in Phnom Penh, I of course accepted, nothing beats a free nights accommodation – it is the ultimate in showing hospitality, but then said it wouldn’t be possible for tonight so had to get a hotel anyway.

Forgetting that she offered me fried insects that had been sitting outside for days earlier I said “your food” plus, what is the point of going to Cambodia to eat european food?

Like previous Cambodia food I had tried, it was tasty enough, some meat which I assume was chicken and rice in a mild sauce.

We went outside and headed towards her moto, indeed it was raining hard.

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The rain glimmered as the street lamps lit it up as it fell to the slowly flooding road.Make sure to get a decent health insurance policy, but you may be one of those for whom travel insurance will do the trick.Since many expats also choose to seek medical care abroad, we’ve got recommendations for the easiest medical getaways. In our Safety and security section we cover robberies, bag-snatchings, and hotel and apartment break-ins, and give you some emergency numbers and tips for dealing with the police, just in case.We cover road safety, how to deal with police, and other transportation options, including Cambodia’s long-distance buses and international flights.