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17-Mar-2017 14:55

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Like most of my 20-something friends from high school now living in the big city, he was enjoying the multitude of opportunities to date—and sleep with— strangers.But the lack of connection was starting to wear on him, and he was certain he knew why.Many college bros aren't too concerned about dating and "wooing" you; and truthfully, going to have a lot on your mind that has nothing to do with dating. Dating in High School: You develop a crush on a guy in class and try to sit next to him every period, so that he’ll finally notice you and ask you out. Dating in College: When you have sex or one-night stands, nobody gives a sh*t because everyone is doing it too. Dating in High School: You make a big deal over Valentine’s Day (). Dating in High School: Getting a boyfriend (aka having a permanent date to all the school dances) is your No. Dating in College: You’ll date if your schedule permits it.Here are some realities about dating in college vs. Dating in College: Those holidays really aren’t that big of a deal. After all, you went to college to get a degree and become a #bosslady—not to just get your “MRS.” 9.Going through a relationship while young can ripen a young individual's mind, while helping them discover what it is they'll want out of future relationships in life.Every person someone dates during their life will teach them what they do and do not want, and obviously that is no different for high school students."I'm only going to date people I already know," he declared and set about reevaluating his attraction to the pool of girls we knew from high school.

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The majority of the time, high school relationships do not last, as only two percent of new marriages in North America are compromised of "high school sweethearts." But the fact that these relationships do not last until marriage in no sense means that they do not teach those involved valuable lessons.Speaking out of experience, I am nowhere near certain of whether or not my high school relationship was detrimental or advantageous for myself, and it is a question that lingers on the tip of of my tongue countless hours of the day: Is being in a high school relationship honestly worth it?The initial answer for a still maturing young man such as myself would've been no, but rushing to such an answer is irrational.It would be insensitive and pessimistic to call these romantic types blind.

A romantic would argue that these things are most definitely possible, no matter how slim and desperate the chances.So what truly is the answer, with so many optimistic and pessimistic beliefs and thoughts regarding high school relationships?Who can say whether or not high school relationships are positive or negative for the youth in contemporary society? The case has been made for both, and one can never really have a meaningful opinion if they haven't experienced it for themselves.Students should primarily be focusing on the universities they're going to attend and how they are going to get in, not daydreaming of what to buy a girlfriend for her birthday.

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