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To quote the museum’s press office: “These important vestiges of the Gallo-Roman period have been entirely reinforced and provided with protection against bad weather. Hours: Open every day, except for Tuesday: from 9.15am to 5.45pm.

This new route can be explored with a tour guide, starting in the frigidarium and leading through the so-called salle des enduits, which still bears traces of painted murals, and the “Roman annex”, open for the very first time to the public.” Musée de Cluny- Musée national du Moyen Âge: 6, place Paul Painlevé, 5th arrondissement. Access: Metro: Cluny-La-Sorbonne / Saint-Michel / Odéon.

This rich and impressive site features video clips from the series, simulations, animations, interactive timelines, expert commentary, primary sources, and extensive links to evolution-related learning resources worldwide.

Among the special educational features are a free, 40-page teacher’s guide available and an eight-session course for high school teachers, four 15-minute videos that highlight the teaching of evolution in real classrooms around the country, online lessons that use multimedia formats to enhance students’ understanding of evolutionary and a multimedia library that provides Web access to more than 150 multimedia resources and concepts.

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Many historians have questioned the conventional dating of the beginning and end of the Middle Ages, which were never precise in any case and cannot be located in any year or even century.

Some scholars have advocated extending the period defined as late antiquity () into the 10th century or later, and some have proposed a Middle Ages lasting from about 1000 to 1800.

Still others argue for the inclusion of the old periods Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation into a single period beginning in late antiquity and ending in the second half of the 16th century.

BBC Prehistoric Life This informative and engaging site, part of BBC Science and Nature, has many detailed sections, including Caveman Profiles, Lucy’s Legacy, Dinosaurs, Walking with Monsters, and more.

In the caveman section you can click on a skull for handy facts about hominids.

Of the hundreds of museums in Paris, the Musée de Cluny is one of our favorites: a gem in the Latin Quarter devoted to the Middle Ages. Dating from the 15th century, the Hôtel de Cluny is a mansion incorporating a sprawling bathhouse from ancient Roman times.

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