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17-Feb-2017 02:39

A naturally attractive Man touches a woman because he thinks she’s attractive and isn’t afraid to connect physically with her.

Escalation A PUA escalates when he see’s that there sufficient comfort and attraction to transition.

A naturally attractive Man escalates when he wants to dial up the tension because that what he enjoys.

Implementation A PUA does what the script says he should do, when it says he should do it, regardless if it’s appropriate for her or enjoyable for him.

A naturally attractive Man leads because he knows what he enjoys and wants to take her on a journey.

Kino A PUA does ‘kino’ because he knows that a physical connection makes it easier to transition to sex.

The PUA is trying to get sex / acceptance / validation / power from women.

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A naturally attractive Man passes her tests without even noticing that she’s testing him because he just keeps doing what he wants to, regardless of what she thinks.

A naturally attractive Man is independent and confident because he feels good, regardless of her response.

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