Dating someone with bipolar type 2 100 online dating russian girls

16-Jun-2017 09:46

Yet, this is only viewing these characteristics as negatives when in fact they could be turned into positives.

Caring for some with bipolar disorder has its benefits.

Jasper Benitez is a past TEDx Speaker who enjoys speaking about the topics which many find difficult.

At the age of 19, he was hospitalized under what is known as a "Baker Act." After spending several days in the hospital, he walked out with bottles of prescription medication, doctors appointments, and stacks of paperwork that disclosed a diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder Type 1: Mixed Severe with Psychotic features. Army National Guard just a few short months before he was set to ship out to Basic Combat Training.

You will learn to appreciate being in the moment more albeit the moment is stressful or negative.

Not only will your loved one help shape your outlook on life, they will also help you learn how to be more in the present and how to adapt quickly to changing situations.

It is through these three benefits, if one cannot find others, that one should exclaim their luck in loving someone with bipolar disorder.

Along with the diagnosis, he had to learn to accept the reality that he could no longer fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer. But even after having lost the many opportunities which he had spent years working hard to obtain, Jasper refused to give up.

Instead, he chose to stay in the fight and make something of himself.

With this said, loved ones should see the benefits of the crayon box for its ability to paint a beautiful outlook on their life as opposed to only seeing the crayon box’s ability to paint a destructive picture in their loved one’s life.

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