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National and Dobro merged in 1935, becoming the National Dobro Company. Against the background of this Byzantine web of comings and goings emerged the electric roots of what would become the Supro brand.

However, until the end of the ’30s, when National Dobro finally completed its relocation to Chicago, Dobro instruments continued to be made in L. by what had been the separate Dobro Corporation, even though it was a part of National Dobro. Enter electricity As has already become apparent, the resonator instruments which made both the National and Dobro names in the late ’20s and ’30s were not the only effort underway to increase the volume of the guitar.

I've been in the world of DIY amp clones for a few years now and forgot how comforting it is to work with a good, detail-oriented amp tech. Nobody gives a shit if you have good technique or not.

It's whether you have feelings that you want to express with music, that's what counts, really." -Neil Young"First off, nobody cares if you know how to play scales.

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Indeed, for some unknown reason, George Beauchamp and Paul Barth left National in 1931 and started Ro-Pat-In, with Rickenbacker, for the purpose of making electric guitars based on a Beauchamp design (developed while he was at National) for which he would eventually receive a patent.Disagreement, and some animosity, has always surrounded the account of just who was responsible for what, but Dopyera ended up building an ampliphonic or self-amplifying guitar (or “resonator” to most guitar buffs) for Beauchamp.John applied for a patent on his tricone design on April 9, 1927, obtaining it on December 31, 1929.Roaring Twenties The roots of the Supro story go back to the ’20s and the sometimes tempestuous relationship between Czech immigrant/instrument repairman/inventor John Dopyera and dapper Vaudeville musician George Beauchamp (pronounced “Beech-um”).

Both were searching for the guitar’s holy grail of the era, more volume.Supro was basically the “budget” brand of the National Dobro, and later, the Valco company, best known for National and Dobro brand instruments, and to a lesser degree, the Supros.National Dobro/Valco was, of course, one of the major players in American guitar history in the middle of the 20th Century.Please visit my Tube Amplifier Forum Here's the place you can go to ask tube amplifier questions.

Supro Amplification. Supro’s origins date to the pre. National and Dobro merged in the early ’30s to form Valco, and Supro. Soon, Valco-made Supro amps were.… continue reading »

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Dating Valco Amplifiers A Buyers Guide To Valco Amps Valco Amp. Well I've managed to accrue a few late '60'searly '70's Traynors the past couple of years and I have a… continue reading »

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Amplifiers; 50's Valco's. If this is your first visit. Join Date Jul 2001 Location Houston, Texas Posts 12,366. Re 50's Valco's. It's a Model 3.… continue reading »

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Also, Supro was really one of many labels of amps made by Valco e.g, Oahu, Gretsch, National, some of the department store brands, etc. Join Date… continue reading »

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