Dating vintage fender stratocaster

19-Feb-2017 13:48

With amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail, Gord transformed my Historic Les Paul into a virtual clone of a vintage mid-fifties goldtop.

The finish, the aging, even moving the “Gibson” pearl inlay to the proper position on the headstock, were done perfectly.

I asked around about who was the best and Gordon’s name came up more than once.

He was a pleasure to talk to and come up with ideas of what would be cool. When I got these things back I was blown away by the transformation.

Just ask him how long it took to hand sand the thick epoxy primer off my guitar!

Through perseverance, dedication, and leading by example G M Vintage Restorations roars into the limelight.

Fender American Vintage Reissue Stratocasters have serial numbers that begin at V000001 in 1982 and are now approaching V200000 in 2008.

Each American Reissue Stratocaster that left the factory had one of these V serial numbers stamped into the neckplate.

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On our new record I only used one of the best ’65 jags I’d ever played and when it came to launching the show I had the idea of getting these two old jags supped up for the road.

It came out great, as he used Nitro Cellulose in his finish.

Reference materials for dating fender instruments If you’re unable to identify the approximate production year of your instrument using the above charts, several excellent books are available that contain invaluable and reliable information on the history of Fender instruments. We highly recommend each of them.… continue reading »

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Well for the really old vintage strats originality is everything and that has had quite a bit done to it as the seller notes. Having said that the price to me if everything else turns out to be truly original the price seems pretty good if you are buying as a player as opposed to an investment piece.… continue reading »

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The Fender Stratocaster is one of the most iconic electric guitars in the world so it only makes sense that we keep stock of a massive range of these guitars at Andertons Music Co.… continue reading »

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