Kareena kapoor and saif ali khan start dating single and dating in the city

11-Jul-2017 11:41

In fact, rumour has it that Babita wasn’t too keen on her daughter carrying on with Shahid, who wasn’t (according to Babita) an A-lister and wouldn’t go on to have the sort of career that, well, would entitle him to be with Kareena. Considering that Babita was keen on both her daughters (the lovely Karishma being the other, of course) becoming film actresses, she didn’t want her daughter to be with the not-so-illustrious Shahid. Unfortunately, we can’t go into it in full detail except to say that Saif is a bit of a heart-breaker, but it’s important to remember that he was the one who fell for, wooed and planned to secretly marry Amrita Singh before unceremoniously moving on!

Let’s just leave it at that.[Read More: Arijit Singh’s Marriage ]Saif, on the other hand, hails from Nawabi heritage. Saif’s transgressions which include several affairs didn’t go down too well with Amrita, and after a while the Chota Nawab decided that he had sufficiently fallen out of love and wanted to get on to other things, like Kareena.[Read More: Amrita Singh’s Marriage ]The rest, as we know is hist… October 16, 2012 was the date when the Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor wedding happened, but let’s first start with the sangeet!

Still, the two were quite different in real life, and their relationship soon became the talking point for all and sundry.

They officially started dating after Shahid and Kareena’s much publicized and bitter split in Oct 2007.

Hence, the rumours doing the rounds of a nikahwere indeed unfounded and the two exchanged vows at the Taj Mahal Hotel and their wedding followed no pre-ordained, time tested style, and hence there was no saath pherasor anything that could be fitted into a ‘secular’ tag. Pataudi, and now had passed it on to her son’s wife-to-be, in what was a very promising start to the saas-bahu relationship.

The decorations are another talking point in themselves with the gold and cream theme being a super-hit combo. ), antiques and and gorgeous jasmine-inspired floral decoration added a bit of a ‘fairy tale’ vibe to the event.[Read More: Karishma Kapoor’s Wedding ]The final official event – after a five day extravaganza – was the welcoming of the bride into the family, an event that took place at the “Pataudi Palace,” Saif’s ancestral home.

This family affair involved a delicious feast and a bit of respite and bonding as the couple looked forward to their future ahead.

"Both of them have liked the story and have verbally given their nod.

Now, the modalities and the dates need to be sorted out.

One such script caught the eyes of Saif Ali Khan and in a recent interview the actor confirmed that the script was indeed impressive.