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Later in her career, she went to Yale University from where she graduated with a degree in English in 2003.

Brewster started her acting career in daytime soap operas, appearing first in “All My Children” and eventually gaining a recurring role in “As the World Turns”.

Matthew Gray Gubler didn't want to show me his paintings.

' and you'd go like, ' Oh, that's great.' On the internet, it's this safe space where I can put it up and people can click on it or not. What if I looked at it and you weren't in the room? And then when he came back down the steps, he was holding two paintings, which he placed on the table between us.

I don't have to be in the same room as them pretending to like it, so I very rarely show people things, and I've made the mistake — like, some people misinterpret my style of painting as offensive, and I've had instances where I've painted beautiful portraits for, like, a girlfriend or someone, and they're just like, they look at it with a grimace and they're like, ' This is terrible. He said he didn't see the creepiness of the blurred and long-fingered figures he paints, in part because he has a peculiar aesthetic sensibility."This is my friend Paget; she's an actress," he said, gesturing to the painting with the words "Sleepy Ballerina." "This, to me, is like, the most beautiful photo of her, or picture of her, but again, I guess it is kind of creepy, because the watercolors make it smudged.""It's the fingers," I suggested, looking at the long, swollen fingers.

Her various exploits as an actress have helped put her net worth to where it is currently. As of early-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that is at million, mostly acquired through her successful career in acting.

She’s been on screen since the mid-1990s and continues her work in both television and film today.

She also appeared in Maxim magazine on three separate lists in three separate years.