Validating close updating database with datagrid

29-May-2017 01:52

The Validation Panel allows the user to validate documents for a given Case Number, ACCESS Tracking Number, RFA Number, DTS Number or First and Last Name. This value allows workers to indicate the document is for an individual that is not on the Application, RFA, or Case.

When this value is selected, the panel will default the SSN and PIN fields with zeroes and leave the Name and Date of Birth fields blank.

Also, when the Scan First Batch Class is used, the Doc Code and Doc Type fields are not required.

If the user does not provide a Doc Code/Type, the batch class will default the Doc Code/Type to "UN - Unknown”.

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If a particular document has "UN - Unknown” as the saved Doc Code/Type, the panel will display the Doc Code/Type dropdowns without a selection.

2.7.1 Introduction Using the Batch Manager to Validate Using the Validation Module to Validate 2.7.2 Process First Batches 2.7.3 Scan First Batches Example of a Scan First Batch Validation Panel When a DTS Is Used Delete the DTS Example of a Scan First Batch Validation Panel When a DTS Is NOT Used Example of a Scanned Document With an Unknown Number 2.7.4 Fax Batches and the DPU 2.7.5 Document Code Field 2.7.6 PIN-Specific Documents 2.7.7 Received Date 2.7.8 Set, Override, or Add to Document Assignment Set Assignment Override Assignment (If Available) Add To Assignment (If Available) 2.7.9 Editing Documents in Validation 2.7.10 Printing From The Validation Panel 2.7.11 Default Toolbar Settings in the Validation Panel A batch can be processed in two separate ways.

It can be done using Batch Manager as well as Validation Module.

When a batch is opened, the first document in the batch is displayed on the right side of the screen.

The left side of the screen contains entry fields for index information.

When the user changes this selection prior to the first save, all of the fields below are wiped clean and reset.

When a component of the loan is validated by DU, the loan may be eligible for. D1-3-02, Lender Post-Closing Quality Control Review of Approval Conditions.… continue reading »

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