What is the dating scene like in nyc

04-Mar-2017 04:17

For arty types, pop to the Whitney or Museum of Modern Art.

I went and queued up at the Whitney (whitney.org) on a freezing Friday evening and found that, while some singles were mooching around, many were there on first dates. New Yorkers use Meet Up, a social networking app that’s more about finding something to do that interests you than going to an event aimed purely at singles.

New York City – Top 10 City for Tinder Use in the US This is the bleak reality of Tinder in New York but is it affecting the city’s dating scene? Tinder has revealed through statistics that cities who have young professionals have the most users.

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New Yorkers are fine at sitting and eating by themselves or going to movies on their own. The first person (of many) to tell me this is Amy, a friend of a friend.She’s using a matchmaker and has two dates that weekend.At the end of my trip I tell her I’ve fallen in love – with the city. Many of the singles I meet are using apps but, unlike we Brits (well, me at least), they don’t rely on them. Like, “He cheated on me with three guys”.’ Then there’s Michael the barman, another super flirty one.This app shows you when you’ve walked near someone else who is also using it – much more immediate than some other apps. – to the personal massager and intimacy kits (think condoms and lube) in hotel rooms, if you want a hook-up (aka a one-night stand), this city is ready for you. Plus, no joint bank accounts means I don’t need to ask permission from someone to go to Tiffany’s – although, better keep those options open.